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Welcome to SHRT Media!

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Welcome to the new SHRT Media website! Just wanted to take a quick moment to introduce myself! What started as a YouTube channel that quickly grew to almost 10,000 followers, I was filming and editing a weekly vlog called "The Adventures of Scott". The channel followed its creator, me, I'm Scott, and my various adventures via motorcycle, race car, off-roading, and other various activities! As more and more videos were filmed and produced, I learned more and more about videography and editing...and my videos improved dramatically throughout the years.

As my skills progressed and my interests expanded...I started to seek out other interests to film rather than just myself. Being that I had long time ties with the motorsports industry, I started attending multiple automotive events (Formula Drift, Drag Racing, and Time Attack.) One event in particular, Global Time Attack/Superlap Battle, was a series that I had raced in previously myself as a I already had a few friends there at the track to hang out with.

After filming a couple of the events, I was approached by Jason Dienhart, the main man behind the series and offered to become a part of their staff and attend and film all of their events for the season. With that, I became the official series job to film and document each event and share what its like to attend and participate in their Time Attack events.

From there, I challenged myself to film a wedding for a good friend. It was quite the learning experience as I transitioned to filming race cars to a couple's very special day. Although the subjects were completely different...the formula was the same...document the event...and tell the story.

With these and other experiences, I have opened up my services to help clients document, share, and tell their own stories. Whether it be for their own YouTube Vlogging channel, racing event, wedding, or any other special occasion/event...I'm up for the challenge to create a short film to be remembered.

If you have an idea that you'd like to discuss, lets get together and make it happen! I am available by appointment, and can be contacted by phone 919-297-8087 or by email at

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